Hi there!

I hope you had some fun looking through my illustrations and I'd love to hear how we can work together to create new exciting things :)

and here's what kind of person you'd be dealing with:

I'm so called digital nomad - I can work from almost anywhere and happen to love (love love) traveling so I'm moving around a lot. Currently I stay in Canet de Mar, Spain.

I'm from Poland.

I'm "slightly" obsessed with food. For now my favorite cuisine is Thai and dim sum but I won't say "no" to some decent pizza or pasta :D  

I'm a legit crazy animal lady but I love people too (well, most of them;) 

I'm deeply in love with old Jamaican music -Mento, Ska, Early Reggae, Rocksteady and collect vinyl records from 60s and early 70s and even spin them occasionally.

I'm happily married since September 2003

I'm a dedicated Trekkie and I love coffee.